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We are a New Zealand import business We work directly with Peruvian suppliers. We are dealing directly with Andes communities/Peruvian supliers, and have the abiliy to understand and appreciate the whole process of our Organic products. Most people around the world appreciate more organic products. Our products are coming from the Andes communities, they maintain their farming as organic for over one hundred years ago. We belive that Inca ancient Superfoods should be available for everyone.
All our import products are Organic and certified by KIWA Partner for Progress (US-EU).

We are committed to provide organic products with Fair Trade in all our supply chain.

Vision and Mission

"Provide quality organic products with prices accesible to everyone"

We are passionate about Andes Peruvian Foods. This is why we want to deliver these nutritious and delicious foods for everyone. Be part of this beautiful link

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