Organic Maca Powder 500g Nutry Wonder
Organic Maca Powder 500g Nutry Wonder

Organic MACA Powder 500g

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Yellow MACA Powder is a root that is grown in the high Andes of Peru and has been consumed by the ancient Incas for thousands of years. 

It has a high content of amino acids and a natural source of antioxidants, vitamin, and minerals. Which help to regulate vital body functions 
It contains anti-inflammatory, and endocrine system regulatory properties, Maca is useful in treating hormonal and metabolic diseases 

*A high content of amino acids. 
*Helping maintain good energy levels. 
*Contain antioxidant and is also a good source of vitamin and minerals. 
*Improve menopause symptoms. 
*Improve Libido and sexual function in both men and women. 
*Increased energy. 

it’ is recommended from 1 to 2 tablespoon is an average daily dose.


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