Why ancient Incas "superfood" should be available for everyone?.

All our import products are Organic and certified by KIWA Partner for Progress (US-EU).We are committed to continue working with Fair Trade in all our supply chain.


We are a New Zealand Import Business that delivers ORGANIC SUPERFOODS products.

We are working directly with Peruvian suppliers/ Andes community. All our products are certified by the US-EU Organic Products through Kiwa partners of progress. Maca and Quinoa are growing in Peruvian Andes at high altitude and have been consumed by the ancient Incas. These Products are considered to be Inca SuperFood with a quality standard process. We work directly with Peruvian Suppliers & Farmers from the Andes, supporting their local communities. With this amazing link we are able to supply these nutritional & organic produced products directly to you.


We are working directly with Peruvian suppliers and Andes communities.
We have chosen reusable packaging for all our products.
All our products are Organic certified by Kiwa BCS ├ľko- Garantie GmbH.
We are committed to continuing working with Fair Trade in all our supply chains.
We can customize clients packaging sizes and
we can supply you more than 10 organic products.

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I am originally from Peru, I have been living in New Zealand since 2009 and make this place my home, since 2017 I am proud to be able to import those Peruvian Organic foods into New Zealand .As a Peruvian person I have been brought up eating these beautiful Inca Superfoods since I was little. Now I have the pleasure to work with Peruvian suppliers and Andes Communities. We want to deliver these Organic products available in Peru with sustainability.
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Liz Georyeth Donaghey


For online sale and other information regarding our registration, certification and licence, please contact us at info@nutrywonder.co.nz

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